Happy-go-lucky Lucy is in for a shock when she moves to a new town.  It’s bad enough that girls make fun of her at school, but then an angry bear storms into a house and roars at her.  Her new friends help her go from “WHAT?!” to “so what!” 





I always wanted to somehow combine my two favorite activities – making art and writing, but never thought of making a children’s book.  Then one day I was lying on my bed thinking about nothing when a huge chunk of “LUCY” fell into my head.  The bear, the kids turning into a rock, a rabbit and a venetian blind, “it ain’t got nothing to do with me” - it all just appeared.  What a shock!  I’d never had a story come to me like that, so I thought I’d better write it down. Then I thought it would be fun to draw the kids morphing into other things, and the next thing I knew I was writing and illustrating a children’s story. 


Drawing and painting have always been a big part of my life.  Growing up in Georgia, I was thrilled when my mother found an art class for me when I was eleven.  I majored in art at Wellesley College and went on to get an MFA in painting at Columbia University.  I was also an avid reader, but never did any creative writing myself until I was in my thirties.  Once I started though, that was all I wanted to do for years.  I began with stories, then wrote screenplays, then wrote television scripts.  I moved from New York City to Los Angeles when I received a Disney Fellowship in Television.  Subsequently I was hired to write on television shows - Weird Science, Maggie Winters and Dharma and Greg.  While living in L.A., I started doing improv which I enjoyed as a very pure creative experience.  I also produced and performed in "Don't Get Smart With Me, Missy," a show of my own comedy sketches with a cast of improv friends plus the illustrious Fred Willard.  (!!!)  Now I live in New York City with my husband Scott Rossi who is an artist.  We spend a lot of time in Columbus, Georgia.  


I'm adapting LUCY into a picture book.  Contact me if you're interested.